FP99\260 is a ring spinning frame that exploitig all the knowledgement of Gaudino in the last 40 years. From these experience in woollen system, where different winding and drafting systems are studied for different needs, the project of the spinning fingers with semi-collapsed balloon is born, which they have brought to spin without tension increasing considerably the speed (till 16000 rpm) with a lower number of ends break for a higher production. The experience in the semi-worsted systems, where the study of the drafting area have an high accurancy, have brought to the optimization of the drafting area using the pendular arms similar to PK1601, that it have reduced the thin points improving the quality. At the opposite of these, in worsted system technology of a single maker have been used targeting the production of a big number of machine, reducing the cost, but without developing nothing of new to improve the quality. The yarns of high quality, produced with our machine, have less hairiness, more evenness, more strenght and flexibility to consent a better weaving or knitting process with superior quality. The introduction of a new spindle-base,suitaby studied for this machine, has permitted a remarkable reduction of noise.
The machine has got the automatic doffer with link to any coner or steaming system. Optional available such as underwinding cleaner, yarns detectors, sliver-stop and production monitoring system. The drive of the machine could be with D.C. motor or A.C.motor with inverter, spindles drive by belts (8 spindles for each belts to have a better precision of the twist), electronic ring-rail drive. The machine is available with double drive too