The machine "Selfstiro universal" FST is suitable to spin any kind of material: wool, cashmere, angora, camel hair, technofibres, silk, cotton, virgin or rigenerated, with any blends,with any length and count from medium to thin to very thin. It has provided with two different and indipendent drafting zone which they permit to get with any material the maximum draft with the highest features of evenness, strength, elongation and covering power. The first draft zone, with a length of 470 mm, is provided by a device of false-twist with "spiral needles" and a fixed position vibrator (patent) which gives a precise false-twist from the big to the thin counts. This device gives to the rovings some vibration that, making easier the draft, improve the yarn quality. The second zone is provided with 3 rollers (feeding, intermediate control and drafting). Adherent to the control roller turns a "small draft apron", it is driven by the roller itself through a cylinder. The draft apron is supported by a "cage", with a shape studied to reduce the distance between the exit point from the draft apron and the touching point on the draft roller of the rovings, in the way to obtain the highest draft possible and fine quality yarns even with very short and blended fibres.
The spindles are provided of spinning fingers with or without controlled balloon (patent). The rings are sinterized for a better use of the nylon travellers. The machine can be equipped with automatic doffer, automatic creeling, underwinding cleaner, yarns detectors, production control etc..
The headstock can be traditional with mechanics gears or with full electronic drive of draft, twist and ring-rail.