The Officine Gaudino are located in Cossato, county of Biella worlwide famous textile center where are located the most important woollen mills in the world.
Founded in the mid-twenties by Pietro Gaudino, they began to build small textile machinery, becoming later constructor of bigger machine such as fullers, openers, scouring plant, twister machine etc.. In the mid fifties Dante Gaudino (founder's son) began to specialize in the ring spinning frames production, dropping consequentely the other products.
The first spinning frames were for rigenerated cotton (very common for that time) followed later by the spinning frame for wool and the other noble fibres and at last by the spinning frames for chemical and artificial fibres always in woollen system.
During all these years have been planned and patend a lot of drafting system, winding systems, automatic doffers, automatic creeling, electronics drive, link with all type of coner, ends break detectors, slivers-stop, production monitoring systems, travelling cleaners, underwinding cleaner "mouse", etc..
Today the Officine Gaudino are owned by Piero, Roberto and Paola Gaudino, sons of Dante.
In the last years has been bought the brand LEMA LEZZENI s.r.l. worldwide recognized wich product are cops-winder, high speed rewinder, doubling and twisting, fancy yarn twister.
In 2008 it has been bought also the "ATELIER HOUGET DUESBERG BOSSON s.a. 1823" in Vervier (Bel) with co-operation with Bonino family.
The spinning section is now part of Officine Gaudino, while the carding section is part of Bonino Carding Machine s.p.a..
All the brands of Gaudino are present worldwide with diffused sales organization , which granting a suitable service to the customer of selling, assistance and spare parts..