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Officine Gaudino s.p.a.

Leader in construction of textile machinery 

All production and development of our machines is carried out in our establishment

Established in the mid 20s by Pietro Gaudino, we initally developed small textile machines, then moved on to the construction of larger machinery such as fullers, wolf-cards, washes, twisting machines etc.

Today, Officine Gaudino are managed by the sons and daughter of Dante: Piero, Roberto and Paola Gaudino.

Officine Gaudino brands are present all over the world with a widespread sales network, guaranteeing an adequate service to sales, assistance and spare parts customers.



Our machine models for all needs

Officine Gaudino offer a wide range of textile machinery, ranging from spinning machines for carded, combed and semi-combed. Since January 2009 the production of Lema Lezzeni has been acquired by Officine Gaudino S.p.A., and a new line of machinery for doubling and twisting has been created. In 2012 Officine Gaudino S.p.A. have developed a new concept for the production of basic yarn used for the production of open-ended rugs, creating the new D&W; we also have the complete range of drawers for combing, preparation for semi-combed and combed spinning of wool cut fibers.

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