GAUDINO yesterday and today


Officine Gaudino are located in Cossato, in province of Biella, which is famous for being a textile hotspot where the world's greatest wool spinners are located.
Established in the mid 20s by Pietro Gaudino, we initally developed small textile machines, then moved on to the construction of larger machinery such as fullers, wolf-cards, washes, twisting machines etc.

In the 50's Dante Gaudino (the founder's son) started specializing in the production of ring spinning machines, abandoning other types. the first machines were made for spinning regenerated cotton (very requested at the time), followed by machines for spinning wool and other fine fibers, eventually also synthetic , chemical, celluloid, aramid, etc., Always in the woolen sector. In the past few years we have invented and patented new drafting sistems, winding systems, automatic doffing, bobbin changers, electronic interfaces, systems for linking to winders, sensors for detecting broken ends, roving breakers, systems for monitoring production, travelling cleaners, cleaners for the underwinding "mouse" etc.


Today, Officine Gaudino are managed by Piero, Roberto and Paola Gaudino, sons and daughters of Dante.

In 2009 we have acquired the brand LEMA LEZZENI s.r.l., known worldwide for the production of twisting machines, cops winders, fancy yarn twisters, drawing frames.
In 2008 we have also acquired "Atelier Houget Duesberg Bosson s.a. 1823" from Vervier (Belgium) in partnership with the Bonino family: the spinning section was taken by Officine Gaudino, while the carding machinery section is now owned by Bonino Carding Machines s.p.a..
The Officine Gaudino brands are present Worldwide, with a widespread sales network, guaranteeing an adequate service to our clients in sales, spare parts and assistance.